Remember #bethemom



I fully understand, and respect, time is passing at a rate I don’t want to accept. I have three little boys under the age of four. As I hold my newborn it magnifies how quickly my oldest has grown. For the past four years my main task was to keep these little guys alive: feed, diaper, sleep, entertain. But times they are a changing.

My older two have personalities of their own and opinions that aren’t identical to mine and imaginations that are inspiring. They are people.

As they grow and become young men I want them to know how proud I am to be their mother. That I care about them. Love them. Want the best for them.

Once they are grown, I want them to look back and remember how much I loved spending time with them. How their character is the one thing they have to give to the world. And the importance I placed on shaping, informing, molding men of character.

I want them to remember a healthy family who had fun together, stuck together as a team, and enjoyed our years together under one roof.

Parenting is hard. Days can be filled with commands and repetition. Pick this up, stop just making noise, move back from your brother, hands to yourself, no more snacks, be gentle, calm down, turn off the water, don’t jump on the furniture, and on and on and on. These things will continue to fill my days but I’m working hard to not dwell or be too frustrated. I want the little lessons to be fuzzy background memories, not what they focus on when they remember our time together.

I want them to remember the priorities we set for our family’s financial success, keeping ourselves physically healthy, and importance of enjoying life where you are. I want to model these broad life decisions positively so the boys simply expect the same for their adult lives.

I want them to remember throwing the football and building cities out of blocks; chalk covered hands and trips to the zoo; museum visits and golf lessons. And I want them to remember me by their side loving them.

On the days that are too long and my patience is too short I take a deep breath and remind myself that this will soon be what I miss. That my time of influence will diminish before I’m ready. That right now is all I can be guaranteed.  For the sake of my memories and their’s I try my best to be the mom I want them to remember.  

#bethemom is my inspiration and motto for 2015
These posts are mainly letters to a dear friend of mine who will become a mom for the first time later this year. While some may be personal in nature they may also be exactly what you need to hear today. Take what you need. Cheers!